Features and levels land surveys, Geelong and district

Land surveyors for Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast

Completion of feature and level surveys should be among the first steps of any professional building project and is one of the core surveying services available from Mark Potter, land surveys specialist in Geelong.

Feature and level surveys involve the measurement of various features of properties, including elements such as sheds and other buildings, ridge and eave heights, trees and other substantial vegetation, services, property levels and contours, crossovers, kerb details, streetscapes and setback, to name a few. If required, Mark Potter Land Surveyor can connect the features and levels survey to an Australian Height Datum survey and Mark provides all survey details in hard and electronic formats.

From AHD surveys on flood prone locations along the coast, a boundary survey in the bush or subdivision surveys in Geelong and its burgeoning outskirts, Mark Potter and his Mark Potter Land Surveyor  business provide a tailored professional surveying service to the region. No two land survey jobs are the same and consequently there is no one-size-fits-all approach to Mark Potter Land Surveyor’s work. Mark is committed to providing exceptional service and prides himself on tackling niche projects which involve working closely with clients to deliver high-end but cost-effective survey solutions.

On top of the professional skills and knowledge acquired during two decades working in land surveys and a commitment to lifelong learning, Mark Potter has established strong associations with local government departments and other relevant statutory authorities. His close ties and intimate understanding of municipal and government processes ensure his survey and documentation procedures align perfectly with legislative requirements, ensuring stress-free progress for his clients.

Mark Potter Land Surveyor’s services range from application surveys to Land Victoria through to title re-establishment surveys, and anybody seeking the services of surveyors in Geelong and district should contact Mark Potter for high-quality surveying services for Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.