About Mark Potter Land Surveyor, Geelong


Mark Potter knew more than 20 years ago he was destined to become a land surveyor. He was good at maths, wanted a career that took him outdoors and enjoyed meeting and helping people. Two decades later, including four years at university and three years acquiring his surveyor’s licence, Mark Potter is one of a select group of land surveyors in Geelong helping guide the city’s development and the growth of the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.

With experience in both metropolitan and regional Victoria behind him, a career-long commitment to his profession and a desire to provide high-level professional service at affordable prices, Mark Potter is a surveyor Geelong builders, developers and statutory authorities can trust and rely on for professional land surveying services and solutions.

Professional and accurate land surveys require special equipment and technology and the application of mathematical formulas to precisely determine positions, distances and angles on plots of land. Land surveyors use their skills and tools to precisely determine property boundaries and topography and there is no margin for error. A member of the Institute of Surveyors Victoria, Mark Potter is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest legislative changes and technological advancements in his profession and constantly reviews rules and regulations relating to land surveying to ensure his land surveys in Geelong and surrounding municipalities stand up under the closest scrutiny.

Mark Potter’s land surveying services for Geelong and district place emphasis on the specific needs of clients and Mark provides a high level of personal service tailored to the requirements of each job. As one of the foremost land surveyors in Geelong, Mark has established strong associations and relationships with statutory authorities to ensure efficient processing of documentation on behalf of his clients.

Mark Potter’s surveying services encompass subdivisions, title re-establishment surveys, feature and level surveys, existing conditions surveys, Australian Height Datum (AHD) surveys and applications surveys to Land Victoria. He is also available for a range of other land survey work.

To reap the benefits of land surveys experience spanning more than two decades, contact Mark Potter and discover that not all surveying services are the same.

Mark Potter land surveyor in Geelong