Professional land surveyors for Geelong & district

Mark Potter Land Surveyor is a boutique land surveys business working with land developers, architects, building designers, builders, town planners and one-off property developers requiring the services of professional, results-driven land surveyors in Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast.

Under the guidance of principal surveyor Mark Potter who has a lifetime of professional surveying services behind him, Mark Potter Land Surveyor works to the belief that less really is more. Rather than trying to be everything to everybody requiring a surveyor, Mark Potter specialises in delivering personal customised services for smaller projects, with an emphasis on subdivisions ranging from two to two dozen lots. He is the obvious choice for anybody seeking land surveyors in Geelong to subdivide a former pasture on the city’s fringe or a large older-style block in nearby coastal centres.

Having worked as a surveyor since graduating from university two decades ago, Mark Potter has accumulated a wealth of experience, knowledge and industry-specific contacts to ensure smooth process in his survey work. His many close connections in the profession range from local government planning authorities, architects, designers and builders through to state agencies such as Land Victoria.

One of a select group of professionals legally approved to mark, measure and identify title boundaries, Mark Potter’s services are obvious for anybody planning to build, extend or subdivide. Planning a new home on an old allotment? You need a land surveyor. Uncertain about boundaries on the property you’re buying? You need a land surveyor. Arguing with a neighbour about the placement of a fence or proximity of a roofline or extension? You guessed it. You’ll need a surveyor to help resolve the issue. Fencing and boundaries are common issues requiring the services of a land surveyor, and the personalised surveying services Mark Potter provides deliver clarity and resolution with exact answers.

Mark Potter Land Surveyors is a specialist surveyor in Geelong for application surveys to Land Victoria, title re-establishment, feature and level and existing conditions surveys, Australian Height Datum surveys and for land and building subdivisions. Contact Mark Potter Land Surveyors for professional, personal service.

Application Surveys to Land Victoria

Application surveys to Land Victoria are a common and regular component of Mark Potter’s surveying services for Geelong and district. Whether it’s land surveys for boundary amendments or maybe an adverse possession claim, the business Mark Potter Land Surveyor has decades of knowledge and expertise guiding its work. The need for a land survey can arise...

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Australian Height Datum (AHD) Surveys

Geelong and district’s topography ranges from undulating hills in the city’s west through to low-lying and flood-prone areas in the south and coastal regions, and those geographical vagaries emphasise the need for Australian Height Datum surveys by qualified land surveyors such as Geelong’s Mark Potter. Simplified, the Australian Height Datum is a permanent horizontal reference point for...

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Existing Conditions Surveys

Professional existing conditions surveys and site context surveys are crucial for the smooth progression of building projects, and engaging the services of Mark Potter Land Surveyor will ensure an uncomplicated process from start to finish. As a leading land surveyor in Geelong, Mark Potter has two decades’ experience guiding his surveying services and close relationships with relevant authorities throughout...

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Feature & Level Surveys

Land surveyors for Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast Completion of feature and level surveys should be among the first steps of any professional building project and is one of the core surveying services available from Mark Potter, land surveys specialist in Geelong. Feature and level surveys involve the measurement of various features of properties, including elements such as sheds...

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Subdivisions (Land & Building)

Subdivisions are the specialty of Geelong land surveyor Mark Potter and custom subdivisions between two and two dozen lots are a prime focus. With a wealth of experience and knowledge gathered from two decades completing land subdivisions and building subdivisions in Geelong and surrounding centres on the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, Mark Potter Land Surveyor...

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Title Re-Establishment Surveys

Land surveyor Mark Potter’s range of surveying services includes title re-establishment surveys for Geelong and district. Title re-establishment surveys are necessary when the boundary of a property or land lot needs re-defining. The need for a re-establishment survey usually arises during work on a house or building near a property boundary, building or working on a fence...

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Land surveys are what Geelong surveyor Mark Potter does best. His services primarily focus on surveys for land and building subdivisions, existing conditions, features and levels, title re-establishments, applications to Land Victoria and Australian Height Datum surveys but he is also available for other surveying assignments. Contact Mark Potter for other land survey work in...

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