Title re-establishment surveys, Geelong & district

Land surveyor Mark Potter’s range of surveying services includes title re-establishment surveys for Geelong and district. Title re-establishment surveys are necessary when the boundary of a property or land lot needs re-defining. The need for a re-establishment survey usually arises during work on a house or building near a property boundary, building or working on a fence or retaining wall near a boundary, confirming precise boundaries when buying or selling property or for strata titles. A re-establishment survey might also be necessary when a municipal council requires a property’s survey details.

Imprecise or incorrect property boundaries can be the result of numerous causes, ranging from poor work and poor quality control in previous surveys, through to variations of survey classifications. Re-establishment surveys in Geelong district are common for older properties from an era when development was not as closely monitored or regulated as it is today.

Whatever the reason for requiring a re-establishment survey, Mark Potter will provide a professional and cost-effective solution. Mark Potter’s title surveys include precisely measuring the property and determining the boundaries relative to existing adjacent fences and buildings and past surveys, then marking the boundaries with pegs. Mark will also provide a plan with the results of the survey, as well as a surveyor’s report which will outline the client’s rights and identify reasonably foreseeable issues which might arise in the future regarding the property’s title.

Range of land surveyor services for Geelong district

Title surveys are just one facet of Mark Potter Land Surveyor’s range of services. One of a select group of land surveyors in Geelong and working across the Surf Coast and Bellarine, Mark Potter’s surveying services include subdivision, Australian Height Datum, existing conditions and features and levels surveys. He is also the surveyor in Geelong for application surveys to Land Victoria.

If you need the services of a Geelong land surveyor or would like a free quote for surveying services, contact Mark Potter today.