Land Surveyor Anglesea

Renowned for its calming seaside atmosphere, native wildlife, and friendly community, Anglesea has become an attractive tourist destination as well as an idyllic place to live for Australians who love the beach and the quaint lifestyle.

But Anglesea wouldn’t be the same without the dedication, passion, and expertise of Mark Potter, who has been servicing the town for years, offering up his professional land surveying services to residents.

While Mark Potter is based in Geelong, he proudly services Anglesea, providing affordable and high-quality services including:

  • Subdivisions for Land and Building
  • Land Surveys
  • Title Re-establishment Surveys
  • Australian Height Datum (AHD) Surveys
  • Land Consolidation
  • Easement Creation
  • Variation and Removal Applications
  • Existing Conditions Surveys

Mark tailors every job specifically to the client and ensures that all your issues are solved. His expertise makes him the best and in a time of unknown like this – the best is what is needed. Get peace of mind knowing the boundaries of your land today and contact Mark on 0408 404 999.

If it is a little down the Great Ocean Road in Torquay where you are located, Mark Potter offers his services to residents there too.

Have a question? Check out the FAQ page here or contact Mark directly.