Surveying services for land & building subdivisions, Geelong

Subdivisions are the specialty of Geelong land surveyor Mark Potter and custom subdivisions between two and two dozen lots are a prime focus. With a wealth of experience and knowledge gathered from two decades completing land subdivisions and building subdivisions in Geelong and surrounding centres on the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula, Mark Potter Land Surveyor can assure clients of a smooth subdivision process. Mark will work through every phase of the subdivision process, assisting and guiding from the planning phase right through to the issuing of new titles.

Subdividing property might seem a straightforward process but can be complex, with numerous considerations. Questions that need to be considered include the property’s zoning, whether there are covenants or restrictions dictating developments, the delineation of boundaries and the availability of services such as drainage. Zoning is a particularly important consideration because different zones allow different development and even residential zones come with a variety of restrictions on housing density. Covenants are also important because their goal is to contain and guide the character of a neighbourhood and its long-term development.

In recent years the State Government has taken steps to streamline and simplify planning processes but subdivisions still require close professional attention. Whether a project involves dual occupancy, multi-storey, residential or commercial buildings, Mark Potter provides the subdivision surveying services Geelong developers and builders can depend on, with his close associations with the region’s municipal authorities and regulators ensuring full understanding and adherence to the processes and documentation requirements of planning and servicing authorities.

Subdivision services are one aspect of Mark Potter’s expertise and he can accommodate most projects involving land surveys in the region, including Geelong district title re-establishment surveys, feature and level and existing conditions surveys, Australian Height Datum surveys and application surveys to Land Victoria.

For more information about Mark Potter Land Surveyor’s range of professional, personalised and cost-effective surveying services, contact Mark Potter and benefit from his wide range of skills and knowledge.