Existing conditions surveys, Geelong

Professional existing conditions surveys and site context surveys are crucial for the smooth progression of building projects, and engaging the services of Mark Potter Land Surveyor will ensure an uncomplicated process from start to finish. As a leading land surveyor in Geelong, Mark Potter has two decades’ experience guiding his surveying services and close relationships with relevant authorities throughout the region.

Existing conditions surveys for Geelong, the Surf Coast and Bellarine

An existing land conditions survey is an important tool for architects, building designers, builders and civil administrators. Also known by names such as topographic, features, details or ground surveys, existing conditions surveys includes measurements of all features across sites being developed. Comprehensive existing land conditions surveys take into account adjacent buildings, distances from title boundaries, gutter levels, ridge heights, facing windows and much more. The surveys are crucial for architects and designers so they can take into account how a building will fit within its environment, factors that might affect the design and how the development might impact on the surrounding area. Professional existing land conditions surveying identifies and accommodates issues and obstacles that might arise in a development and helps eliminate problems before work begins.

As a Geelong land surveyor, Mark Potter’s expertise is in demand for existing conditions surveys for subdivisions and housing developments, with existing conditions surveys a requirement of the State Government’s residential development provisions and codes.

Site context surveys for Geelong, the Bellarine and Surf Coast

As part of its extensive services, Mark Potter Land Surveyor provides site context land surveying in Geelong and surrounding regions. While similar to features and level surveys, site context surveys generally embrace larger areas surrounding sites, including neighbouring and nearby properties. For surveying services ranging from existing conditions, site context and subdivision surveys, through to features and levels land surveys in Geelong region, contact Mark Potter at Mark Potter Land Surveyor for professional personalised service.