Australian Height Datum (AHD) surveys, Geelong

Geelong and district’s topography ranges from undulating hills in the city’s west through to low-lying and flood-prone areas in the south and coastal regions, and those geographical vagaries emphasise the need for Australian Height Datum surveys by qualified land surveyors such as Geelong’s Mark Potter.

Simplified, the Australian Height Datum is a permanent horizontal reference point for measuring elevation, and AHD surveys help determine the flooding potential of properties. Any planning permit before the City of Geelong must include Australian Height Datum information from a licensed land surveyor to ensure the building’s floors are higher than the required level.

Mark Potter Land Surveyors in Geelong provides Australian Height Datum surveys and other land surveying services in Geelong and district, working with clients ranging from property developers and builders creating new sub-divisions, through to families and individuals seeking an AHD transfer survey for a straightforward change of property ownership.

The coastal hamlets of Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove are prime examples of the value of Australian Height Datum surveys. Both towns are prone to flooding and the land surveying services of Mark Potter have ensured the integrity and security of numerous developments in the two centres.

Mark Potter has built a career and reputation as a land surveyor in Geelong and other Victorian centres since graduating from university two decades ago. As his land survey experience and knowledge have grown, so too have his survey and planning contacts and associates in both municipal and state government circles and the private sector.

Priding himself on high-level professional land surveys while delivering tailored personalised service, Mark Potter is a specialist in his field. With services also including surveys for composed and comfortable sub-divisions between two and two dozen blocks, feature and level surveys and existing conditions land surveying services for Geelong, Mark Potter Land Surveyors is the obvious choice for Australian Height Datum surveys and other surveying work throughout the Bellarine and Surf Coast.

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