Geelong application to land surveys

Application surveys to Land Victoria are a common and regular component of Mark Potter’s surveying services for Geelong and district. Whether it’s land surveys for boundary amendments or maybe an adverse possession claim, the business Mark Potter Land Surveyor has decades of knowledge and expertise guiding its work.

The need for a land survey can arise from numerous scenarios, ranging from the discovery of an extra metre of land inadvertently fenced from or by a neighbour, land consolidation and the creation of easements, through to rectification or amendments to titles. The scope of work is wide but land surveys in Geelong often involve boundary amendments, particularly in some of the city’s older suburbs such as Newtown and Geelong West, and the removal of warnings on titles and conversion of old titles to new titles. Boundary amendment surveys fall under sections of the Transfer of Land Act and as such require the services of a licensed land surveyor to measure up and sign off on the boundary amendment.

No matter the reason or situation, if a land survey is required and liaison with Land Victoria or other authorities involved, Geelong land surveyor Mark Potter is the Bellarine and Surf Coast’s best option for a seamless process and satisfactory solution.

The demand for land surveys in Geelong and district continues to grow as the region’s popularity increases and comparative affordability makes it a popular choice for property developers and home buyers. As a local, Mark Potter knows the region intimately and has long-standing relationships with authorities who oversee its development and progress.

Whether it’s a Geelong land surveyor for Australian Height Datum surveys, title restablishment, feature and levels surveys, subdivisions or existing conditions land surveys in Geelong and district, Mark Potter provides high-level land surveying services with personalised attention to detail. Contact Mark Potter Land Surveyor for land surveys in Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula.