Geelong land survey FAQs

Does Mark Potter Land Surveyor provide its land surveying services only in Geelong or are you available along the coast?

There’s no doubt a lot of our land surveys are in Geelong but we also work throughout the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast. Whether you’re seeking a surveyor for Bellarine locations such as Ocean Grove, Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale and Portarlington, or Surf Coast destinations Torquay, Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and more, Mark Potter can certainly help.

Can your Geelong land surveyors help when dealing with local government departments?

Short answer – yes! Dealing with planning and building departments in local government and other statutory bodies can be confronting for amateurs, and municipal employees are often the target of frustration. Trust us, those workers are not trying to make life hard, it’s just that planning and building processes can be complex and planning officials must make sure everything is done correctly and exactly fulfils the applicable requirements. Mark Potter has spent years building professional relationships with municipal and other authorities and is highly qualified to work with various departments, with a clear understanding of their sometimes intricate requirements. From AHD surveys to application surveys to Land Victoria, work with Geelong land surveyor Mark Potter and be assured he will provide a smooth process with local government officials and other statutory bodies.

What is the cost of Mark Potter’s Geelong land surveying services?

Mark Potter strives to provide affordable land surveys for Geelong and district. Because no two surveying jobs are ever the same, the final price is never the same. Please contact Mark Potter Land Surveyor for detailed information or fill in our free online no-obligation quote form.

Does Mark Potter Land Surveyor in Geelong provide all land survey services?

Our land surveys encompass services for residential and commercial land and building surveys. We provide Australian Height Datum surveys, existing conditions, feature and level surveys, subdivision surveys, title re-establishment surveys and other surveying services as required. We certainly don’t attempt to be everything to everyone. Please get in touch if you have specific questions about our Geelong land surveys.