Reasons to use expert for subdivisions on your Point Lonsdale land

Posted on December 17, 2020 in News

The popularity of coastal living has seen demand for subdivisions in Point Lonsdale and surrounding areas soar over recent years.

And it’s not surprising. It’s a beautiful area, featuring stunning beaches, great facilities and a relaxed coastal vibe.

While large new estates are flourishing, there’s growing interest from property owners wanting to subdivide large blocks in the town and surrounds. Here are three reasons to hire a professional land surveyor to conduct subdivisions on your Point Lonsdale land:

  1. Subdivisions give the owner a great opportunity to profit from their land. Often the land can be of greater value when it is divided into smaller lots. And with a strong real estate market, that can help you to increase your wealth;
  2. It provides financial security for the coming years;
  3. Subdividing your land can give you greater flexibility to pay off your mortgage more rapidly and frees up your assets.

Experienced land surveyor Mark Potter understands the complex nature of subdividing land, which comes with issues including zoning and covenants. He is a specialist in custom subdivisions between two and two dozen lots. With a keen eye to detail, he helps clients from planning to new title issue.

Whether you want to subdivide your large residential block in the heart of town to help fund your retirement, or split it into parcels for inheritance purposes, Mark Potter has you covered.

The highly-skilled land surveyor, who has forged strong relationships with municipal authorities and regulators in the region, understands all the requirements that must be met during the subdivision process.

For smooth subdivisions Point Lonsdale land owners want a respected land surveyor they trust. And that’s Mark Potter and his team.

Please contact Mark Potter Land Surveyor on 0408 404 999 today for more information about subdividing your land in this lovely coastal area.

Mark Potter, Point Lonsdale subdivisions specialist