What Does An Australian Height Datum Survey Mean For Your Land In Queenscliff

Posted on October 5, 2020 in News

An Australian Height Datum survey (AHD) relates to the national vertical datum, put in place in 1971 by the Australian National Mapping Council. With over 2 decades of experience, Mark Potter Land Surveyor conducts these surveys on the Bellarine Peninsula, working to establish relevant AHD land levels and junction points areas such as Queenscliff.

There are various advantages to having an Australian Height Datum survey completed on your land in Queenscliff such as:

  • Ensuring your land is above the mean sea level
  • Helps determine the potential of property flooding and identifies flood-prone areas
  • Prepares your land for building

While based in Geelong, Mark Potter has extensive experience conducting AHD surveys and securing various land developments across the Bellarine Peninsula, particularly in Queenscliff. His industry expertise and personalised services make him the trusted go-to professional for all things land surveying.

In coastal areas such as Queenscliff, AHD surveys are crucial considering the nuances of the land and the way that building developments must agree with it. To build a residential or commercial development that will last the test of time you must have an AHD survey performed by a licensed professional.

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