The Value a Geelong Land Surveyor Can Add to Your Property

Posted on August 4, 2020 in News

Mark Potter uses cutting-edge technology and his industry expertise to offer clients the best land surveys available across the Geelong, Surf-Coast and Bellarine regions. But what exactly is a land survey? What does it offer your property? What value does it add long term?

A land survey refers to the process of identifying terrestrial positions and the distances and angles between them.  It uses a combination of science, mathematics and technology to measure land and is an important process to undertake before purchasing a block of land.

By hiring a professional land surveyor to conduct these crucial assessments, your land development gets a kick-start. This process is the first step in your land development and once lines and boundaries are identified, you can begin to fence and build your property.

Without the expertise of a land surveyor like Mark Potter, the value of your property can be overestimated or undervalued, leading to financial issues now and in to the future.  Land surveys also help to accurately divide the property into pre-determined sections which can then be valued and sold.

Surveys help you to avoid disaster by explaining topographical details such as soil and structural issues and identifies critical information such as if the land is flood-prone. They also help to clearly mark easements, right of ways, and define legal boundaries. Disputes often arise between neighbouring land owners over what land belongs to them. These discussions are put to rest when you have boundaries identified by an experienced land surveyor.

If you are after a high quality and professional land survey, contact Mark Potter today on 0408 404 999 for a free quote. We also offer clients competitive land sub-divisions, title re-establishment surveys and AHD surveys across Geelong, the Surf Coast and the Bellarine Peninsula.