Your checklist for land subdivison in Geelong

Posted on June 29, 2020 in News

Areas within the region and its outskirts present opportunities for people interested in land subdivision in Geelong. If you are eyeing off a large piece of land that you think would be perfect for a sub-division, follow our useful checklist of best-practice tips to go through BEFORE you put in an offer.

1. Find a suitable piece of land that is sufficient to subdivide

Every council and local authority has different rules about what requirements you need to meet when subdividing land. To be able to subdivide a block of land each of your lots need to meet the minimum size requirements of a lot. This minimum size may vary in the Greater Geelong Region, depending on your land’s zoning or an overlay that exists.

2. Is there room for a driveway for each subdivided lot?

It’s a requirement that each lot much have the area needed for a driveway, while this may seem obvious, it can be something that is easy to forget.

3. Are there existing covenants for your chosen piece of land?

Land in certain areas of Geelong may have existing covenants that have requirements on the aesthetic of dwellings, this can be true for both commercial and residential properties.

4. Does the land allow for drainage?

Is the land on a slope? Or does the land sit on relatively even terrain? Drainage is a requirement of all subdivisions, this is one of the main reasons it is in your best interest to contact a qualified land surveyor before purchasing land to subdivide.

5. Is there access to utilities?

Any land that is subdivided must be provided with the following utilities:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • Sewage
  • Telephone
  • Water

More specific information about land subdivision can be found on the City of Greater Geelong website, this gives you a brief summary of the requirements of subdividing if you’re just starting to look. However, if you already have a piece of land in mind, we would recommend you contact Mark Potter Land Surveyor so that we can help you with your land subdivision in Geelong.