Know your boundaries with our title re-establishment surveys

Posted on September 23, 2018 in News

Are you unsure where the official boundaries of your Portarlington property stand?

If “yes” is your answer, then the process of title re-establishment surveys in Portarlington will solve this issue for you.

These surveys, which are carried out by professional land surveys such as Mark Potter’s team, can mean the difference between a smooth building process or property sale and a potential nightmare.

Disputes over land borders can be expensive, drawn out and unpleasant, so it pays to make sure you know exactly where your land’s boundaries are to prevent problems from arising.

So when should you get a professional land surveyor to carry out a title re-establishment survey for you? We urge clients to get one done if they –

  • Plan to put up a boundary fence or retaining wall;
  • Want to build or renovate right near the boundary of their property;
  • Plan to sell or buy land, and want to ascertain the exact boundary;
  • And for strata titles.

At Mark Potter Land Surveyor, title re-establishment surveys in Portarlington and further afield are a core part of our business. The need for these surveys is common, especially for older properties. This is because authorities did not regulate land developments as closely in years gone by as they do today. And that can lead to some surprises when professional surveyors precisely establish the actual boundaries of properties in question.

You might also need to organise such a survey because of shoddy surveying work in the past or variations in survey classifications.

At Mark Potter Land Surveyor, we have years of experience in carrying out comprehensive and precise surveys for our clients across the region. We know it’s vital to get boundaries exactly right and that’s what deliver to our clients every time.

When it comes to title re-establishment surveys Portarlington clients can trust our team for a professional service. Please contact us for more information.