Land surveyor Geelong’s subdivision expert

Posted on June 7, 2018 in News

Land surveyors in Geelong are increasingly busy completing land subdivisions in the region, with many people making the coastal and regional switch. However, this is nothing new for Mark Potter Land Surveyors, with us being the trusted land subdivision experts in the region for multiple decades.

And with the subdivision process often being a complex one, with many different and varying factors to consider, it is important that you have an experienced professional you can trust. The last thing any property owner needs is to have a land subdivided, just to find out years down the track that the job wasn’t completed properly when they decide to build or when a dispute occurs. This is guaranteed to cost you thousands of dollars, a ridiculous amount of time and an abundance in stress.

Which is why our experience in residential, commercial, dual occupancy and multi-storey buildings comes in handy to ensure the job is done once and done properly. Mark Potter Land Surveyors are specialists in subdivisions for land anywhere between two to two-dozen lots, with all of the relevant local knowledge needed for Geelong and the Surf Coast.

Another factor that many people fail to consider when having land subdivided is that all subdivisions must meet relevant regulatory body standards, including zoning requirements, covenants or restrictions on new developments.

Luckily, through years of hard work in the industry, Mark Potter has built a strong relationship with relevant legislators and regulatory bodies, giving him the knowledge and communication channels needed to make sure that all of your documentation has the elements required to be processed quickly and without any unneeded hiccups.

If you’re looking for a Land Surveyor in Geelong that has the knowledge, experience and ability to carry out land subdivisions that comply with relevant regulatory standards, complete with a fully detailed report, then contact Mark Potter Land Surveyors.